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The product of a joint-venture between KEON Group and Viridis environnement, Keridis BioEnergy draws from the complementary strengths of those two businesses, which between them cover the full value chain of a biogas project.

  • Proximity to the farming world

  • Safe intake of waste

  • Experience developing and operating dozens of agricultural and industrial biogas plants

  • Digestate recovery

KERIDIS BioÉnergie - Energy
KERIDIS BioÉnergie



Since 2011, Viridis environnement team has been investing its talent, ingenuity and determination in designing solutions that have made it the main fertilizing waste manager in Quebec. Viridis is constantly seeking to expand its range of recyclable materials and develop innovative and profitable processing technologies.

As one of the key players in the green, circular and social economy, Viridis environnement has made it a point of honour to act as a relay among municipalities, industries and agricultural businesses. One’s waste becomes essential products for another. The outcome is a reliable chain towards a world that is in increasingly greater harmony with the cycles of nature.

KERIDIS BioÉnergie

KEY FIGURES (2021) :

employees spread among
6 regional offices

650 000
tonnes of
recycled FRM


agricultural businesses
that have received materials

25 M$
in sales

Viridis environnement’s main shareholder is Sollio Cooperative Group, followed by Quebec’s largest regional cooperatives.

KERIDIS BioÉnergie
Simon Naylor, agr., M.Sc.

Vice-President, Treatment and Processing,
Viridis environnement

Simon Naylor is an agronomist with a Master of Science in biology, who has been working in the areas of agriculture and the environment for close to 15 years. He has applied his recognized negotiating and management skills to the development of numerous waste recycling projects with municipalities and RCMs, as well as with agri-food and paper companies. A strong communicator, he is regularly called upon to serve as a presenter, panelist or facilitator at conferences and seminars on the environment and waste management.

KERIDIS BioÉnergie
Michel St-Germain, dta.

Vice-President, Development and Agriculture,
Viridis environnement

Michel St-Germain has a diploma in the management and operation of agricultural businesses and is the owner of an agricultural business specializing in the production of field crops. He has been involved in the area of agricultural recycling of fertilizing residual materials since the start of his professional career. He leads a multi-disciplinary team of agronomists, biologists, engineers and technicians specializing in fertilization, agri-environment and project management. His team annually recycles close to 650,000 metric tonnes of various residual materials and files close to 500 project notices and applications for ministerial approvals with Quebec’s Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC).

KERIDIS BioÉnergie
Renaud Lapierre, ing. LL.L

Viridis environnement

Renaud Lapierre is an engineer with a law degree. He initially worked in Quebec’s public sector, where he held several positions, notably as Assistant Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Energy and Resources, then as Associate Secretary General on the Executive Council Discover the report published in the newspaper Le Soleil de Québec on January 10, 2013... (French version only) Learn +

Renaud Lapierre - Viridis environnement



Keon Group is an independent French company created by three associates with 15 years’ experience in anaerobic digestion. Keon Group proposes solutions related to:

  • Biogas project development and investment

  • Anaerobic digestion plant engineering and construction

  • Site operation and maintenance

Keon Group relies on a 100-strong team representing the full range of competencies required to properly tackle biogas projects: energy experts, agronomists, biologists, mechanics and electrotechnicians, etc. Those different layers of trades have made Keon a leader in the biogas market and have accelerated its international expansion, including to Canada, where it works through Keridis BioEnergy.

KERIDIS BioÉnergie

KERIDIS BioÉnergie

Marc Bauzet, Aurélien Lugardon et Philippe Spannagel

KERIDIS BioÉnergie


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KERIDIS BioÉnergie - Energy

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